Cast is Set: Emergence of the Dark Side Begins Shooting End of October!


The next chapter in the Tatum Pictures Star Wars fan film trilogy is now cast. Take a look at the cast below that will star in the next chapter of the trilogy!

Dain Archer KEN RHODES Ken Rhodes
San Relvic MICHAEL HARRINGTON Michael Harrington
Isabel Fodor


Lynne Sanchez-Fries
Zara Ghent MIKI REAUME Miki Reaume
Tarc Strax ANDY RAAB Andy Raab
Sena Isod ERIN MORIARTY Erin Moriarty
Brina Lander ROSANNA DZIAMA PFEIFER Rosanna Dziama Pfeifer
Bol Kain ANDY RICH Andy Rich
Wally Bendix BRENDAN HANSON Screenshot 2019-10-07 23.09.57
Varian Sarn CHRISTOPHER WOODS MARLIN Screenshot 2019-10-08 21.32.48
General Jansen JEFF MOON Screenshot 2019-10-07 23.11.43

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