Internet Series

Sometimes our stories can’t be told in one sitting. It takes a series to tell the entire story. Here is what we have in terms of an internet series.

Welcome to a world where you can have whatever you want but at a price you may not be willing to pay. In 2006, Tatum Pictures embarked on their first internet series about a man and his brother being hurled into the world of organized crime. Lonny Hutchins is a man who loses more than he bargained for and winds up working for underworld mobster, Lucius Madsen. Along with Lonny is his brother, Chaz, who believes he can more than pull his own weight. The two brothers are befriended by, Flip, a man whose loyalty is unmeasurable but sometimes wears his heart on his sleeve. Also involved in the business is Annie, who brings as much cunning as she does passion. Her sister Cara, whose innocence is overshadowed by her past, makes the reunion with the two sisters difficult for the two to handle.  This dramatic series was loosely based on the original Tatum Pictures film, The Underworld and even inspired the follow up The Return Home. The series follows two brothers; Lonny and Chaz Hutchins, whose mother is murdered as a result of underworld ties. To seek protection, Lonny and his brother make a deal with underworld mobster, Lucius Madsen, and embark on a journey that they never expected.
The story takes place in present day Earth. Ten years prior, nearly half of an alien civilization has traveled to Earth to escape genocide and tyrannical rule on their planet. In an agreement known as the Kelis Act, the US government has agreed to allow the travelers to safely migrate to t he United States. However, this is not without consequence. With a new species living among the American people brings different types of problems. Different types of crime. Crime that regular law enforcement may not be equipped to handle. That’s where the intergalactic task force comes in; comprised of alien and human agents.