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Thank you for visiting! At, we provide opportunities with regard to the making of films. You’re probably thinking that this is just another lousy web site full of nothing but advertisements. NOT AT ALL!!! This site is set up for a non-profit organization, Tatum Pictures, that specializes in soliciting the talents of local artists, in Rochester NY, to make motion pictures.

ARE WE SERIOUS? In a nutshell, yes we are serious. At Tatum Pictures we don’t want to see talent go to waste. We believe in taking; actors, singers, dancers, etc., to showcase their talents in movies. Our material is not offensive (i.e. pornography) and does not cater to that type of audience. We like to think of ourselves as an independent film organization that makes films that are not commercial.

DO YOU HAVE TALENT? If so, then maybe you should get involved! The best thing is… IT’S FREE!!!!! You don’t even need experience or maybe you haven’t found your talent yet. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to get involved!

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