Auditions – Next Star Wars Fan Film!



The rebel alliance needs YOU! Well, so does the empire. In fact, we’re looking for actors and actresses between the ages of 30s-50s to play various rebel and imperial characters. There are also a few other roles that we’ll need, as well and those will be described below. Take a look at the character list and let us know if you would like to audition. Simply send us a link to a demo reel, film, or video showing your acting chops. You can even send us a cellphone video of yourself doing a monologue. Email it to! Shooting begins in October!


COMMANDER ZARA GHENT(Female 30s) – Fierce commanding style but has a soft side that she keeps hidden.

VARIAN SARN (Male 50s) – Strong leadership figure for the empire, although a rebel alliance sympathizer.

ADMIRAL RENNERT (Male 50s/60s) – Ruthless commander of the strongest ship in the imperial fleet.


The below roles are speaking roles. They are identified as Imperial or Rebel. Actors can create their own character backstory to fit the lines they are given.

GENERAL JANSEN – Rebel commander

LANDER – Rebel pilot, leader of Gold group

BENDIX – Rebel pilot, leader of Blue group

JI’HAN ZHU’BAY – Bothan leader

LIEUTENANT KRAHN – Imperial assistant to Rennert

CAPTAIN REVELOR – Vader’s ground assault leader


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