Classic Tatum Pictures

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Sometimes you just write a story, grab a camera, and just shoot a film. Well that’s what we did in this section of our website. Back when it was just the founding members who worked on the films. We were constantly a three man crew on every production. But that doesn’t mean what we did wasn’t any good. It was just different from the work we do now. From really early works like Bionic Commando (our very first project) to The Underworld – The Series, we were really just getting started! But had a lot of fun along the way and met some very wonderful people in the process! So take a stroll through our “museum” and enjoy our early works!

**Not yet available to view

The Underworld – The Series – 2006 – 2007

Never Send Roses – 2005

Meant to Be – 2004

**Devil’s Proxy – 2002

**Someday is Tonight – 2000

**The Underworld – 1996

**Different Storms – 1995

**Target For Elimination – 1994

**SOTA 14607 – 1992

**Ninja Joe – 1992

**Bionic Commando – 1992