Don’t Have a Demo Reel? – Here are some FAQ that we’ve gotten so far!


We’ve received a lot of great submissions so far. This makes our task difficult. But some of you have been asking some very good questions that we want to address in this post. So here are some of the frequently asked questions.

  1. I don’t have a demo reel. Is there something else that I can send you?
    • Demo reels are great! But sometimes, we just want to see that you have the ability to create a character. Some people can accomplish this through vines. Maybe you have a link to a film that you’ve been in. Or, you can also send us a video our yourself performing a two minute monologue .
  2. When is the deadline to send you my information?
    • The producers are gathering on April 25th to make some final decisions on the actors who have made a submission. We will take submissions up until April 24th.
  3. I really want to be part of this production but I don’t want to be an actor in it. Can I still help out?
    • Absolutely! Contact us via our contact page to find out how you can help.
  4. I’ve been in a Tatum Pictures film before. Do I still need to submit something?
    • No need to! Chances are, we know who you are and know what you can do. Just drop us a line and let us know that you’re interested!
  5. When do you plan on starting your shooting schedule.
    • We plan on starting the weekend of June 23rd. We’ll then break until after the July 4th holiday and finish up the weekend of July 7th. Any pickups that we need, we’ll schedule as needed.

Have we answered all your questions? If not, contact us and let us know what you need to know!

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