Star Wars: Emergence of the Dark Side – What Went Wrong?

A Message from Writer/Director B. Anthony Gibson

When I set out to do Star Wars – Scramble on Uylara with Chris Fuchs and Michael Gibson, I had no idea where we would end up. We knew that we wanted a trilogy and we knew it was going to be an uphill battle. What we didn’t know is how many roadblocks we would run into once we got started. The project has been put on an indefinite hold and I think we owe it to our followers to understand why.

The movie premiered on May 19th and the excitement was definitely high in the theater. We knew that we wanted to keep the good vibes going into the sequel. We would introduce new characters, meaning that we would need new actors for the film. So, we did another round of auditions and found some fantastic new talent. Between the new talent and the original cast, we were finally ready to get the read through started and a shooting schedule in place.

And then we hit our first roadblock. The original actor that we had playing Commander San Relvic had to step down. I understood his reasons. One thing that we sometimes forget is that we are all normal people with full time jobs. And we make films on the side as a hobby. And sometimes, it gets to be too much. Ultimately, this put us in a position to search for another Relvic. The second actor was chosen and we were back on track and shooting was scheduled to begin October of 2019. Again, when life gets in the way, it’s our hobbies that take a back seat. And, so, we lost another actor to play Relvic.

Now, it’s officially the holiday season of 2019 and it’s near impossible to get anything going. Personally, shooting anything after Thanksgiving is just something that I don’t like to do. But we had to get started and we decided to start shooting the weekend of December 3, 2019. Believe it or not, we got a full weekend’s worth of shooting done and we still had no Relvic. However, we got a lot done and we would just need to shoot the scenes with Relvic in 2020. You know where I’m going with this.

So, January 2020 rolls in and our search for a new Relvic continued and we finally settled on another actor to play Relvic. We are now finally ready to go to production with our new Relvic and shooting would continue in March. You know what’s next. March 10, 2020 is when we resumed shooting the film. We got a full evening of shooting done. Then, the pandemic decided that we shouldn’t shoot anymore. So, this put the film on an indefinite hold. And has been since.

So what’s the future of this film? Or the trilogy, for that matter? To be honest, I’m not sure. We may decide to walk away from this trilogy. And that would be okay. I feel like it may be time to move on anyway. And with Earth Sector finishing up filming for 2021, you’ll be seeing original content from Tatum Pictures for the first time since 2009. What a ride it’s been already. And we look forward to bringing it to you!

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