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Indiana Jones Fan Film | Indiana Jones and the Legend Of Bimini | Indiana Jones Fan Films.

By now, many have already seen our latest fan film Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini. The fan film genre is actually something that has been popularized over the years. It began years ago when ambitious filmmakers started making Star Wars fan films. Some were just a couple of kids with a camera. But, surprisingly, there were many films with high production value. Albeit a small budget. There were fans that truly wanted to tell their own story and inspired others to do the same. Including us!

Although these fan films look easy to pull off, we can tell you that they are not. It takes money, time, passionate and committed individuals, and many that know what they’re doing. But the result is rewarding and can sometimes challenge what the movie companies could not do.

What we’re going to begin to do is bring you fan films that we’ve come across and give you a review on what we liked about them and what they could have done differently. Keeping in mind that we know what it takes to do a fan film on a low budget and there would be many things that we could have done differently about our own films. So we, in no way, believe that we have done anything perfectly. It’s just about providing an objective view and getting some of these films some attention as we would hope our own films would get. So you’ll see the first review come through very soon!

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