It’s Baaaaack!!

The Underworld – The Series Returns to!


For those of you that have been following the website over the years may remember our internet series. It was filmed between 2004 – 2006 and made it online in 2006. This dramatic series was loosely based on the original Tatum Pictures film, The Underworld and even inspired the follow up The Return Home. The series follows two brothers; Lonny and Chaz Hutchins, whose mother is murdered as a result of underworld ties. To seek protection, Lonny and his brother make a deal with underworld mobster, Lucius Madsen, and embark on a journey that they never expected.


The return of this series marks the kickoff of a section that we’d like to refer to as “Classic Tatum Pictures“. A section that showcases some of our earlier works. The Underworld – The Series is an eleven episode series and each episode is less than 30 minutes. So you can easily binge in an afternoon!

We’ll be adding more to our classic section over the next few weeks. So stay tuned!

We’re Back! – Finding Rigby Shooting Days 3&4 Are In The Can

It took a while to pick production back up. But here we are! Continuing the story of Janet Rigby. Below are some behind-the-scenes pics from days 3&4:

Jeannie Hines-Clinton as Sergeant Janet Rigby


(Clockwise from left) Danny Hoskins, Jeannie Hines-Clinton, Dean Amsler, John M. SIndoni, and Audrey McGuire
Jeannie Hines-Clinton and Dean Amsler

(Clockwise from left) Audrey McGuire, Steve Miller, Jason Berardi, B. Anthony Gibson, and Danny Hoskins

Finding Rigby – Day 2 is Done!

The cast and crew were hard at work, once again, and managed to get Day 2 “in the can”. The film stars Jeannie Hines-Clinton who plays the titular investigator, Janet Rigby. For those off you that have been following the site since the beginning, you may remember her from Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Apalachee and The Return Home. The film also stars Dean Amsler, Audrey McGuire, Ken Rhodes, and Jeff Moon. As other shooting days are completed, we’ll keep everyone updated!